Friday, 2 September, 2011

Human endeavor 2.0

The greatest ideas originate in the dark and solitary minds of individuals; Social activity, aka chatter, only helps commodify, propagate and hence simplify great ideas.

The economy, as we know it today, thrives on this simplification and yet opens itself to a massive risk; of compounding mediocrity that over time dries up the well and stops the flow of its own nourishment; killing itself in the process. A reprobate and exploitative economy killing itself may not be such a tragic event; it could perhaps be an event to celebrate, but what is tragic is the dilution and misrepresentation of human creativity.

Being alone lets you digest the information you have consumed, become a better person and if you have a creative bent of mind, create something that is useful to the world.

With each new generation, the bar is being lowered. With information constantly being thrown at us, there is an ever increasing need to be able to superficially skim the surface of understanding and move on to the next piece. We are adjusting to the speed, nausea caused by information overload is redefined as a high, humanity is well and truly on the information superhighway. Only problem is, with the decreased capacity and motivation to digest
information, we are the pedestrians - future road-kill.

So, the economy which will only allow 'monetarily useful' things to survive, and people conditioned to thirst for increased simplification, are together creating a society that is getting slow cooked in its own mediocrity.

Things cannot, quite clearly, carry on in this fashion for much longer.

A point will be reached when the junk we produce will become completely devoid of all meaning and our minds will be diluted to a point where we consume the junk automatically. 

Chances are, we are nearly there.

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