Tuesday, 8 November, 2011

Diddly Squat

This 99% that the wall street squat is supposed to represent is within the 1% of the world's population whose stress in life is caused by having to eat misshapen bananas rather than picture perfect ones, or not being able to go on that cruise to the antarctic to swim with the whales (I'm assuming there's at least more than one whale left) this year, just like they did last year.

The really poor 99% isn't 1% certain about where the next meal will come from. They would probably give an arm to own one of those all weather tents parked in front of St. Pauls. 

So, each one of these squatters - all they're complaining about is the fact that they - not someone else should be making all that money.

They are in fact living in the glass house of discontent and flinging large rocks tainted with greed at everyone else.

The real way to fight the 1% would be to stop consuming what it produces. But does the 99% have what it takes? Maybe not. Because the 99% is no different from the 1%. They are human.

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